Planning A Future For All Situations

At Key Retirement, we’re passionate about helping people identify and prepare for these mistakes: not getting the most from Social Security, not having a lifetime income plan, paying more taxes than necessary, and failing to protect your nest egg from market volatility and fees.

Our team is so passionate about helping everyone avoid the common road blocks we have seen with past clients, prior to a brief meeting with our team, that we offer a comprehensive FREE Retirement Plan to anyone who needs a second opinion to their current situation or a late start to putting a plan in place for the “what if” moments.

Our Educational Approach

As Independent Retirement Advisors, our team works with clients to help them understand their current retirement plan and what options are out there to better their situation when it comes to:

-Retirement Income Planning

-Maximizing Social Security Income -Reducing Taxes

-Protecting Retirement Assets 

-Long Term Care Protection

-Creating a Legacy for you family with minimal tax consequences 

After helping you craft your personalized retirement plan, we will give you an online portal to track this plan and simultaneously be able to hold all our your account statements, will, life insurance polices, assets, etc.

We Aren't Your Average ``Money Guy``

Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. With 50+ years of cumulative experience, our specialists will work with you to help educate you on the options and coach you through a challenging part of life. Unlike the big banks and financial firms, we provide easy to understand Retirement Plans for FREE that we can constantly update as things change in the years to come.

Our team has the energy and enthusiasm to prove how truly dedicated we are to helping everyone to unlock their KEY to financial success. Our process leaves you with plan that is the Key to unlocking the retirement padlock.

Meet Your Dream Team!

Key Retirement has specialist’s in different fields, that help his clients to get the most out of maximizing their benefits and retirement. No one can be and expert in everything, so Rick has found a team of experts that can offer the most to his clients.
Spencer Ward - Wealth Protection & Income Specialist

Spencer Ward

Wealth Protection & Income Specialist
Scott Soares - Legacy & LTC Specialist

Scott Soares -

Legacy & LTC Specialist
Heather Schreiber RICP - Tax & Social Security Expert

Heather Schreiber RICP

Tax & Social Security Expert

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Cost = A Few Minutes Of Your Time

Want a Free Retirement Plan? Key Retirement will build you a complimentary retirement plan that shows what your future will hold, as well as those “what if” scenarios!